FAQ: How Much Is Pizza Ranch?

Does Pizza Ranch still have a buffet?

Most Pizza Ranch locations are offering the self-serve buffet you know and love. Others are offering our new contactless buffet with a team member serving your food selections to you at the buffet. Providing hand sanitizer stations for guests and team members across the restaurant and FunZone.

How much does it cost to start a Pizza Ranch?

The total initial investment to open a Pizza Ranch restaurant ranges from $798,600 to $1,893,000. The initial franchise fee is $30,000 and ongoing royalty is 4% of gross sales.

How big is a medium pizza at Pizza Ranch?

Medium – 12″ Cut in Eight Slices. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! Order group catering from a Pizza Ranch restaurant near you!

What size is a small pizza from Pizza Ranch?

Nutrition Guide for the Pizza Ranch Menu. A small Pizza Ranch pizza contains six slices and around 200 calories per piece. Individuals opting for bigger portions, like the medium and large sizes, enjoy eight and 12 pieces of pizza, respectively.

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Does Pizza Ranch serve beer?

NO BEER – Pizza Ranch.

How many pizza companies are there in America?

The total number of pizza restaurants in the United States reached 77,724 in 2019, the highest number in recent years – chain restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, accounted for around 47 percent of that figure with 36,151 units.

How many states is Pizza Ranch in?

Its home is the heartland Founded in Hull, Iowa in 1981, Pizza Ranch has expanded to include 200 locations across a total of 13 states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Who owns Pizza Ranch?

Adrie Groeneweg, President & Founder As president and founder of Pizza Ranch, Inc., Adrie has led the company from the opening of the first restaurant (Hull, Iowa, December ’81) to today. Adrie now oversees the chain of 210+ restaurants in 14 states with annual revenues of over $260M.

What sauce is on Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza at Pizza Ranch?

You should have a nice creamy alfredo sauce for the pizza. Spread your ranch dressing on your dough first, next spread your alfredo sauce on the dough. Sprinkle half of your mozzarella cheese on the pizza. Add your shredded chicken, bacon and chopped onion.

How many calories are in Pizza Ranch fried chicken?

There are 230 calories in 1 piece of Pizza Ranch Broasted Chicken Breast.

How many calories are in a chicken bacon ranch pizza?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 210 (879 kJ)
Saturated Fat 5 g 25%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 30 mg 10%
Sodium 380 mg 16%
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Do Pizza Ranch Rewards expire?

When your registered account reaches or exceeds 100 points, the system will automatically convert them into $5 in rewards. These rewards will be available for use on your next visit and expire 60 days from the day that the Ranch Rewards dollars are earned.

What kind of chicken does Pizza Ranch have?

Crispy Ranch Chicken – 8 Pieces Get The Country’s Best Chicken, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Additional charge for white meat requests. Want sauce options? Choose from saucy chicken, tossed in our Buffalo, BBQ or Sesame sauces.

How many people does a large pizza feed?

Most large pizzeria pizzas, measuring 14 to 16 inches in diameter, feed approximately four to eight people, depending on how many slices each person eats. Large pizzas typically contain eight to 12 triangular slices or 10 to 12 square slices.

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