FAQ: How To Get Pizza Hut Shoes?

How much are the Pizza Hut shoes?

The Pie Tops II go on sale Wednesday for $150 through retail site HBX.com, and only 50 pairs will be available online for purchase.

What’s inside pizza ordering shoes?

In addition to the new color scheme and ordering /pause capabilities built into the tongue, the shoes have plenty of unique features, including:

  • Extreme marinara splash.
  • Cheese grater mesh.
  • Branded Pizza Hut lace tags.
  • Extra “cheese pull” laces.
  • Branded inner soles.
  • Mixed material upper – patent, suede, nubuck and gum.

Are pie tops real?

Despite existing primarily as a marketing tool, the Pie Tops II are real shoes. Each shoe is custom-made by the Shoe Surgeon. Fifty pairs will be available to purchase through HBX for an unspecified price sometime during the week of March 19th, and additional shoes will be given away via social media.

Can Alexa order Pizza Hut?

Great news: Your Amazon Echo device can use your voice to order your dinner. Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s all have Alexa skills that will let you place an order for your favorite pie.

Can Alexa order Dominos?

First, purchase an Echo. Second, set up a Domino’s Pizza Profile. Third, download the Amazon Alexa app, enable the Domino’s skill, and link your account to your Pizza Profile. Fourth, place your Easy order or re- order through the Echo.

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Can Alexa order food for you?

But Alexa is already pretty handy when it comes to ordering takeout, too. Thanks to a handful of Alexa skills produced by the likes of Domino’s Grubhub and Starbucks, you can reorder your favorite meals and drinks by speaking to the Amazon voice assistant.

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