Question: How Much Does Mod Pizza Pay?

How much money do you make at MOD Pizza?

How much does MOD Pizza – Food Preparation & Service in the United States pay? Average MOD Pizza hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.84 per hour for Cook to $15.72 per hour for Team Captain. The average MOD Pizza salary ranges from approximately $24,000 per year for Cook to $37,773 per year for Restaurant Manager.

Is MOD Pizza a good place to work?

80% of employees at MOD Pizza say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

How often do you get paid at MOD Pizza?

They get paid every two weeks on fridays; so it really depends on when you get hired.

Does MOD Pizza hire 16 year olds?

6 answers. The minimum age to work at mod is 18 years old.

Does MOD Pizza drug test?

No, they do not drug test.

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How much do MOD Pizza managers make?

The typical MOD Pizza General Manager salary is $55,103. General Manager salaries at MOD Pizza can range from $33,898 – $106,578. This estimate is based upon 108 MOD Pizza General Manager salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Can you wear nails at MOD Pizza?

No, you cannot wear acrylic nails at Mod.

How much do MOD employees make?

MOD Pizza Salaries

Job Title Salary
Squad Member salaries – 144 salaries reported $12/hr
Squad Member salaries – 74 salaries reported $12/hr
Captain salaries – 73 salaries reported $13/hr
Mod Squad salaries – 37 salaries reported $12/hr


Does MOD Pizza allow colored hair?

Yes they do allow colored hair. You do have to wear head gear.

How much does a Starbucks employee make a year?

What Is the Average Starbucks Barista Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
California $21,718 $1,810
Vermont $21,696 $1,808
South Carolina $21,394 $1,783
Colorado $21,344 $1,779


Does Starbucks own MOD Pizza?

MOD Pizza was established in 2008 in Seattle, Washington, by co-founders Scott and Ally Svenson. The Svensons previously founded Seattle Coffee Company, a successful UK-based coffee company that sold to Starbucks in 1998. The Svensons also helped found Carluccio’s Ltd., an Italian restaurant in the UK.

What makes mod pizza special?

MOD is the original superfast pizza experience – a pioneering fast-casual concept that puts you in the driver’s seat. Artisan-style pizzas and salads are individually sized, made on demand, and ready in just minutes. Choose from over 30 toppings – the price stays the same no matter what you pick.

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Can you be 13 and work at Subway?

The general minimum age requirement for Subway employees is 16. Does Subway Hire at 15? – Yes. Some state regulations allow minors as young as 15 to work at Subway.

What does MOD stand for?


Acronym Definition
MOD Modification
MOD Ministry Of Defense
MOD Modular
MOD Movies on Demand


How old do you have to be at Target?

To apply for hourly positions at Target stores and our Distribution Centers: You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Target store job.

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