Quick Answer: How Much Are Little Caesars Pizza?

How many slices are in a $5 Little Caesars Pizza?

Launching nationwide starting February 3, the $5 Lunch Combo features four slices of Little Caesars popular Detroit-style DEEP! DEEP!

How Much Is a Little Caesars bundle?

Little Caesar’s Menu

Meal Deal $9.00 One Large Hot-N-Ready Pizza, Crazy Combo and 2-Liter
Wing Meal Deal $11.00 One Large Hot-N-Ready Pizza, 8 pieces of wings and 2-Liter
Party Pack $13.99 Two Large Hot-N-Ready Pizzas, Crazy Combo and 2-Liter
Party, Party Pack $23.00 Four Large Hot-N-Ready Pizzas, 2 Crazy Combos

Why is Little Caesars so expensive?

It costs Little Caesars less than a dollar to make a pizza. Then they sell it for $5, so they are making a profit. Little Caesar’s partners with a retailer for discounted ingredients. And, they make the dough and sauce in-store, which means that they’re paying for yeast, vegetable oil, tomato puree, and herbs.

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How much is a supreme pizza from Little Caesars?

Little Caesars Pizza Menu

Slices – N – Stix $6.00 2,950 Cal per serving
EXTRAMOSTBESTEST® Thin Crust Pepperoni $7.00 2,180 Cal per serving
EXTRAMOSTBESTEST® Stuffed Crust Pepperoni $9.00 3,030 Cal per serving
5 Meat Feast™ $12.00 2,730 Cal per serving
Ultimate Supreme $11.00 2,410 Cal per serving

Does Little Caesars have a secret menu?

We love the idea of a secret menu at a pizza place because most of the menu is already pretty wide open. Some of the best items on the Little Caesar’s secret menu include Crazy Sauce Style Pizza, Double-decker thin crust, Stuffed Crazy Break, Dunkaroos, the Pizza Burrito, and sauce your way.

How many pizzas do I need for 10 adults?

10 People = 4 Pizzas. 15 People = 6 Pizzas. 20 People = 8 Pizzas. 30 People = 12 Pizzas.

How do you get free Crazy Bread at Little Caesars?

To take advantage of the offer, simply order any pizza online for Pizza Portal pickup or delivery (where available) by using promo code “FREEBREAD1” at checkout. Crazy Bread includes eight pieces of the brand’s bread sticks with flavors of butter and garlic, then sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Does Little Caesars still have free 2 liter?

Little Caesars is currently offering customers a free 2 – liter bottle of soda with the purchase of any pizza. This deal is available exclusively when ordering online or through the official Little Caesars app for iOS and Android.

Why is Little Caesars better?

Their $5 Hot-N-Ready deal has made them the go-to pizzeria of choice for those looking for convenience and low prices. A customer can literally walk in and walk out with a hot pizza in less time than it takes to get through the drive-thru at many fast food restaurants.

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Why is Little Caesars so bad for you?

The unhealthiest slice of pizza at Little Caesars comes from the Stuffed Crust Deep! Deep! Pepperoni pie, which contains 420 calories, 20 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 45 milligrams of cholesterol, and 840 milligrams of sodium.

Is it cheaper to make your own pizza?

Homemade pizza, even with the cost of electricity factored in, is ridiculously affordable. However, it does take some time to make. Most of it is hands off time, though (oven heating, dough rising), so as long as you’re at home already, it won’t feel like it takes that long.

Does Little Caesars get paid weekly?

Yes you get paid weekly. They do not pay weekly, the scheduled pay is bi- weekly and there’s no holiday pay and no overtime.

What is on the 3 meat pizza at Little Caesars?

The 3 Meat Treat Pizza from Little Caesar’s is topped with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Bacon.

What is the ultimate supreme pizza at Little Caesars?


What is usually on a supreme pizza?

Traditionally topped with pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, onions, and olives, the supreme pizza combines some of the most popular pizza toppings into one delicious slice. Some pizzerias also include mushrooms on their supreme pizza, while others include Canadian bacon for added meatiness.

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