Readers ask: How Much Is Incredible Pizza?

How much is an unlimited card at Incredible Pizza?

You will also love the budget-friendly America’s Incredible Pizza menu prices especially when you are planning a large group party (e.g., birthday). 3 To Go? America’s Incredible Pizza Prices.

Item Price
Unlimited Buffet & Drink, $10 Game Card, and 4 Attractions $26.99
Unlimited Buffet & Drink and $25 Game Card $27.99


Can you just play games at Incredible Pizza?

At Incredible Pizza, you don’t have to choose. We offer more than 20 video games! Just look for the yellow flag or card reader.

Does Incredible Pizza require masks?

Face Coverings Of course, you must wear a face covering throughout the facility. In fact, wearing a face covering in the city of St. Louis is required. You do not have to wear your mask while sitting at your table and dining.

What rides does Incredible Pizza have?

Rides & Attractions

  • Spinning Roller Coaster. Can you think of any other family restaurant that has an indoor spinning roller coaster?
  • The Scrambler. This is a popular and classic ride.
  • XD Theater. This 4D simulation ride is no joke.
  • Lost in Space.
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Do you have to pay to get into Johns Incredible Pizza?

The bottom line on John’s Incredible Pizza Company: About $6 or $8 for little or big kids; $12 for teens and adults for your admission and meal.

How do I check my incredible pizza card?

Call America’s Incredible Pizza Co.’s customer service phone number, or visit America’s Incredible Pizza Co.’s website to check the balance on your America’s Incredible Pizza Co. gift card. Need to buy another America’s Incredible Pizza Co.

Can adults go to incredible pizza?

I highly recommend this Incredible Pizza. We will definitely be returning! Awesome place for Adults as well as children.

What are tickets used for at Incredible Pizza?

** Tickets are used to shop our prize store!

Does incredible pizza have beer?

John’s Incredible Pizza does offer beer, wine, and margaritas.

Who owns Incredible Pizza?

America’s Incredible Pizza Company, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, is owned by Rick and Cheryl Barsness. The couple entered the pizza business with a single restaurant in Victoria, Texas and by 1975, owned 11 franchises of Gatti’s Pizza.

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