Readers ask: How Much Is Peter Piper Pizza?

How much is the buffet at Peter Piper Pizza?

lunch buffet for $6.49 and they offer military/senior discounts. buffet is smaller than a cici’s.

What cheese does Peter Piper Pizza use?

Pan dough brushed with Garlic Butter, baked with Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheeses, then sprinkled with Italian Spices.

How much do Peter Piper employees get paid?

Peter Piper Pizza Salaries

Job Title Salary
Team Member salaries – 14 salaries reported $9/hr
Cashier salaries – 10 salaries reported $9/hr
Game Room Attendant salaries – 9 salaries reported $9/hr
Gameroom Attendant salaries – 6 salaries reported $8/hr

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Does Peter Piper Pizza serve beer?

Review of Peter Piper Pizza.

Does Peter Piper Pizza have military discount?

No, Peter Piper Pizza does not offer military discounts.

Does Peter Piper Pizza have fried zucchini?

Crispy fried zucchini served with ranch dressing.

Does Peter Piper have pasta?

Pasta. Made to order pasta with the option of spaghetti or penne alfredo.

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Does Peter Pipers deliver?

Order delivery from Peter Piper Pizza on Grubhub’s website or mobile app, and brighten your day with piping hot, homemade food brought to your home or office.

What age does Peter Piper Pizza hire?

Minimum Age to Work at Peter Piper Pizza: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Peter Piper Pizza?)

How much do Mcdonalds get paid?

McDonald’s in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Cashier salaries – 283 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $12/hr
Crew Member salaries – 269 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $11/hr
Mcdonalds Crew Member salaries – 111 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $12/hr


How much does Peter Piper Pizza pay Arizona?

Average Peter Piper Pizza hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.33 per hour for Busser to $11.83 per hour for Room Attendant. The average Peter Piper Pizza salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Busser to $33,122 per year for Manager.

Is Peter Piper Pizza nationwide?

Peter Piper Pizza is an Arizona-based pizza and entertainment company with locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. Restaurants have a large dining area as well as a game room. Peter Piper Pizza.

Type Subsidiary
Number of locations 129 (Q4 2019)
Area served United States, Mexico

How many calories is a slice of Peter Piper Pizza?

Answer: 300 per slice. How many calories are in a Peter Piper Large The Werx Thin Pizza?

How many wings are in a regular Peter Piper Pizza?

Peter Piper Pizza Prices

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Food Size Price
Wings (Spicy or Mild Buffalo, Sweet BBQ or Plain) 20 Pc. $16.49
Wings (Spicy or Mild Buffalo, Sweet BBQ or Plain) 50 Pc. $36.99
Wings (Spicy or Mild Buffalo, Sweet BBQ or Plain) 100 Pc. $68.99
Boneless Wings (Spicy or Mild Buffalo, Sweet BBQ or Plain) Regular $8.99


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