Readers ask: What Is Boneless Pizza?

What does a boneless Pizza mean?

Boneless Pizza refers to the series of prank calls and image macros uploaded to the video sharing site YouTube. The video features a monk’s dialogue with an irreligious restaurant employee, where he is prank calling to order a boneless pizza. Basically, the term is used to prank people over the internet or the phone.

How do you make a boneless pizza?


  1. In a small pot mix ingredient for your buffalo wing sauce.
  2. Fry or bake chicken wings, or buy precooked chicken wings and shred all the meat off the bones.
  3. Add chicken to your buffalo wings sauce.
  4. Make your pizza dough from scratch OR lay out premade pizza dough.
  5. Add on your buffalo chicken mixture.

Is boneless pizza a thing?

What Does Boneless Pizza Mean? The term “ boneless pizza ” is the phrase given to a prank where kids call a local pizza shop and order a “ boneless pizza.” Everyone knows there is no such thing, thus the reason people consider the prank amusing. The term “ boneless pizza ” originated in 2017.

What is the boneless meme?

The boneless meme is a meme that involves making reference to certain foods, items, etc. being boneless. This meme does not necessarily follow a specific format, and both image-based and text-based examples of this meme exist.

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What does boneless mean in slang?

boneless (Adjective) Lacking strength, courage, or resolve; spineless.

Who invented boneless pizza?

The creator of boneless pizza is a YouTuber who goes by Sethical.

Can I get a boneless Pizza Roblox ID?

Code: 907754890 – Copy it!

Who is Sethical?

Sethical (born: October 14,1996 [age 24]), is an American YouTuber best known for his Baku Series and for creating the “Boneless Pizza” video. He uses characters from various video games and animated series as characters in his videos.

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